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Have you scheduled your child's summer activities yet? If not, you're late - but that's okay; because we are here to help you!

What if there was a safe, creative way that allowed your child to explore the arts: singing, dancing, and games, while making friends, staying fit and having fun? 

Your child can have all of this and more when they join us for Summer Dance! We want to make sure our dancers are active, engaged, expressing themselves and moving all summer long; and our parents can feel confident and secure knowing that their child is enjoying a fabulous dance experience. 



During Summer Dance, we offer two ways to enjoy dance activities at Ovation Dance:

1) Our 6 Week Summer Session Classes are attended once a week, running for six consecutive weeks. Summer dance classes are a great way to strengthen your dancer’s technique, or let them try a new style of dance to broaden their dance repertoire! We recommend classes for those looking to GROW their dancer’s ability

Session dates: June 6th- July 18th (No class July 4th).  Registration closes June 24th.

2) Workshops are a 1 day event filled with exciting fun in the dance studio and based on a creative theme! Workshops will include dance instruction, and fun bonus activities! See below for details on our workshop themes and ages. We recommend workshops for those looking for an active and FUN one day event for their child!

At Summer Danceyour child will make friends, stay fit and have fun. There is no need to fret over summer activities for your child as Ovation Dance has you covered.

If you want an incredible dance experience for your child, it is important that you take action now and book your child's spot today!

If you have any questions about what would be the best fit for your child, please contact us!

Imagine The Possibilities!

✨ Imagine if your child's summer could be completely planned right now. 

✨ Imagine if your child could continue building friendships in a safe & fun environment.

✨ Imagine giving your child an experience.

It is possible to plan your summer quickly and easily.

✅ It is possible for your child to continue growing their friendships.

✅ It is possible to for your child to have and incredible and unforgettable summer.

Give the gift of arts education, friendship, fitness and fun to your child today!


FUN: It’s summer and we are committed to making dance fun and exciting for our students! We are here to help your child stay active during the summer months! This is also a great way to try out dance to see if your child has an interest in continuing dance in the fall.​


ENCOURAGING: We know dancers want our dancers to feel encouraged while they are with us at Bloom. Trying something new or going to a new place can be difficult, but our teachers work hard to know your dancer and encourage them all week long!​



IDEE: We accept all children and are committed to following the rule of IDEE:

  • Inclusion- We promise to make everyone feel valued and included.

  • Diversity- We promise to celebrate each other's differences.

  • Equality- We promise to treat everyone with fairness and respect.

  • Ethics- We promise to adhere to the highest level of code of ethics at all times.

SAFE: We will be adhering to strict cleaning, hygiene protocol and limited class sizes to keep our dancers and staff healthy. Read more about safety here…

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