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Mini Recital Info

The recitals at the end of our dance year are a highlight of the dance season experience and are intended to give each dancer the opportunity to perform their newly acquired skills. Dancers love it because they are able to perform onstage in their beautiful costumes with their friends and loved ones close by!


- What time does my dancer need to be there? Where is the Recital?

The recital is on May 11th with the Colors In Motion Mini Recital #1 (Red Cast) at 11:00am and Colors In Motion Mini Recital #2 (Purple Cast) at 2:00pm. The recital will be held at the Orpheum Theatre located at 146 Main Ave W, Twin Falls, ID 83301.​ The theater doors open 30 minutes before the start of the show. Dancers should arrive at the theater fully dressed in costume, with hair and makeup done, at their designated call time.


Colors In Motion Mini Recital #1 (Red Cast):10:25 AM 

Colors In Motion Mini Recital #2 (Purple Cast): 1:25pm


For more information on which show your child is in and their call time please visit our Performance Day Info page.

- What do we do when we get there?

Please wait in the audience until your dancer is called upon by their dance teacher or a student ambassador. 15 minutes before the show starts, we will line up the dancers by class and take them backstage to their dressing room. 

- Do we have a Dress Rehearsal?

Yes! The dress rehearsal will take place during your dancer's regular class time at Ovation Dance. We will also be offering Orpheum theater tours on Thursday, May 9th between 5:00-7:00pm for dancers and parents who would like to see the performance space and get excited about the show. One of our staff members will be there to give a tour, and your children will have the opportunity to watch the older dancers rehearse on stage.


​- What if my dancer is in more than one class?

Not to worry we’ve got you covered. If you have a dancer who is in more than one routine, please bring their 2nd (or 3rd) costume in a bag labeled with your child’s name and class to our designated helper and they will set them up backstage. Please also make sure that all shoes and accessories are labeled with your dancer’s name. When it is time for a dancer to change they will be escorted to their changing room. A helper will be on standby if dancers need assistance with their costume. This ensures that parents can enjoy the performance stress-free.


- Do they have to wear makeup? What about hair?

Parents may decide on stage makeup for the show. That said, please be warned that dancers without any makeup on will appear washed out and facial features will not be seen under the bright, harsh stage lighting. Footlights and spotlights are bright and the best way to look natural under them is to rely on a little stage makeup. We recommend at least a warm blush, filled in eyebrows (especially for those with light hair)  and/or berry colored lipstick. Keep in mind the Recital is a once a year event, and feels a lot like playing dress up for our Mini/Tiny dancers. 

Hair for girls should be should be a Center Parted LOW Ballet Bun. We ask that boys have their hair styled out of their face. 

We kindly request that no glitter be used in makeup or hair as it can easily spread and create a mess. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping the theater clean.​​

- Can I wait backstage with my dancer? Can my dancer sit with me during the show?

For the Safety of the Dancers, parents and guests are not allowed backstage at any time during the performances. Dancers will be in their dressing room with their assigned class helper and we will have activities for them to do to keep them entertained. All dancers will stay with their class until after the Finale, then teachers and assigned class helpers will excuse students to the dancer’s parent/guardian. No student will be allowed to leave the theater at the end of the performance without an adult supervisor or parent/guardian.

- How do I get Tickets? Can I bring family & friends to watch the show?

Recital tickets can ONLY be purchased through the Orpheum Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online via their website or at the box office. 

Tickets sell extremely fast and we have had a sold out show in the past, so it is recommended to be on the ticketing website first thing in order to get seats for all the friends and family that are planning to attend.​ If your family and friends are purchasing separately, we recommend reaching out to them to let them know which show to purchase tickets for. 

  • Mini Recital Ticket Price: Ground Center Floor are priced at $12, & Standard seating is $10.  VIP Boxes are available for an additional cost.​ Please visit our TICKETS page for more information on tickets and available discounts. 

  • Who needs a ticket?: Anyone who will be seated in a chair.​

  • Seating Type: Assigned

  • All Ticket Sales are handled by the Orpheum Theatre and subject to their policies.

 - Can I take pictures and videos?

YES! We will be allowing video and non-flash photography of the performance. Please be courteous of other audience members when doing so. No one wants to see arms raised & phones in front of them while their little one is onstage! For our dancer’s and staff's safety, flash photography is strictly prohibited! After the show feel free to take pictures with dance teachers, proud family members, classmates, etc.


- What does my dancer need to wear? What if there is a fit issue with the costume?

The Costume Checklist will be posted soon. Please check our Recital Portal page for updates. We have already had your dancer try their costumes on and made exchanges for those who needed one, however sometimes slight alterations may need to be made. Call us with concerns as we have lots of costume adjusting/resizing tricks!     

- Do we have a show lineup? 

The Show orders will be posted one week prior to show date. Please check our Performance Day page at that time.

- Miscellaneous Information:

  • If you are behind on your monthly payments, your dancer will not be allowed to perform onstage until you are up to date with payments, including any late fees that may apply.

  • No Flash Photography: This is dangerous for the dancers and distracting for other audience members.

  • Cell phones/Devices are to be turned off.

  • Please do not leave the audience during the show unless there is an emergency. Leaving disrupts the people around you who are trying to watch their beautiful children. Please be courteous and leave only in-between routines.

  • Give your dancers a round of applause at the end of routines AND during impressive moments!

  • Each dancer is a small part of the big picture and many people: volunteer parents, teachers, administrative, & technical staff have contributed their energies to make this recital a success. We are here to make this show a positive experience for all the dancers and your family so please treat all involved with the utmost respect.

  • Day Of Show Contact:

​​Thank you parents, students and teachers! We are SUPER excited for our Mini Recitals and can't wait to see your dancers hit the stage!

​​*While we make every effort to establish recital dates, and class times so that everyone has this information in advance, we must reserve the right to change or amend our policy, dates, class times, etc. in the event of an unforeseen circumstance beyond our control.*

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