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Whether you’re a first-time dance parent or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s always necessary to review what it takes to pull off the BEST RECITAL EVER! Recitals are special events that celebrate the hard work and dedication of our students, faculty, and families. It takes a village and we deeply appreciate all the time and energy put in by our community to get your kiddos on stage. Recital is a monumental celebration of your dancer’s growth and achievements throughout the year and the perfect opportunity to share their love for dance with their loved ones!

To prepare for the BIG DAY, we’ve created a list of tips that can help make Recital Day a breeze! We want ALL our dance families to feel prepared and confident as they head into the performance. 

9 Super Parent Tips!

Ask Questions 

  • If it is your first time being a dance parent (or even if it is your fifteenth) it is ok and good to ask questions. You are getting a lot of information!. Just a note: make sure if you are going to ask your child's dance teacher a question, you do it at least two days before the show. The day of the show the dance teacher will have a lot to do to prepare a fantastic show for your dancer!



  • Layout all of the different costumes, make sure you have all the pieces and accessories that go along with them and pack them in individual bags, and label them! This way you avoid frantically digging and scrambling inside of the dance bag in between performances. Costume changes will be a little more calm for you and the dancers. Oh, and don’t forget dance shoes! You would be surprised to learn how many times dance shoes are left at home.

Pack Your Bag Two Days Before

  • Trust us, it will give you time to get any performance extras you may need before the big day. Besides your dancer’s costumes and shoes, it's never a bad idea to pack “just in case” items. For hygiene, pack things like, washcloths, small towels, band-aids, deodorant, and hand sanitizer.


  • Recitals can seem long to young children, around an hour and a half of dancing in each show. Be prepared to stay and cheer for every number, and, more importantly, prepare for your dancer to be happy when he or she is backstage. Send some things to entertain your child; card games, a sketch pad or stuffed animal can make the wait much shorter. Pack a water bottle for backstage.


  • Pack an extra outfit that your son/daughter can change into once the recital is done. Backstage can be a little chaotic when it’s time to go, so make a list of everything you have in the bag ahead of time. As you’re gathering all of their belongings, you’ll be sure to have everything you packed.

Practice Hair & Makeup Beforehand

  • While you are packing your bag, it is a good idea to practice hair and makeup BEFORE recital day. Also, wearing makeup might feel strange to a younger dancer. A practice run will before the big day will put both you and your dancer at ease!

Encourage Your Dancer To Practice Performing At Home

  • When you watch your child perform in your living room, you show them that you are invested in their work. Cheering them on from the comfort of your own home reminds them that no matter what happens on stage, you will be there with the loudest applause. When students practice performing before hitting the stage, it’s likely to reduce their pre-show nerves.

Be On Time Or Early

  • Show day is not the day to run in 5 minutes after you were supposed to be there. You are going to be in a new place that your child has only seen once or twice and usually, the dressing rooms are filled with many children. So get there early and let your child (especially if they are very young) settle in and get comfortable. This also gives you time to check hair, makeup, and costumes. Arriving early can set a calm tone for the day.

Capture The Moments At Dress Rehearsal

  • We know you want to capture the big moments, but we encourage you to put the cameras down! Take your photos and videos at Dress Rehearsal instead! At Dress Rehearsal, the crowd is less…crowded, the children are in costume, and this frees you up to just be present and celebrate your child during the actual performance. *NEW FOR WINTER RECITAL: As this is an informal performance we will be allowing video and non flash photography of the performance. Please be courteous of other audience members when doing so.

Plan For A Gift

  • Ask any dancer, there is nothing better than adoring all your beautiful flowers after a big performance. It’s a performance tradition and it gets those warm and fuzzies going! 

Stay Calm

  • Most of all, remember that our children are little emotional sponges. It’s normal for parents sometimes to feel anxious or nervous about their children’s first events. But work to avoid channeling your nerves to your child, who is just excited for a fun experience. Remind yourself of what’s most important (your child’s enjoyment of the show experience), take a deep breath and cheer for your dancer! If you observe that your dancer is nervous, remind him or her that everyone is there simply to celebrate a great year of dancing and to enjoy the show!

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At Ovation Dance, we are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication our dancers put into learning their routines, we want them to shine bright on recital day. By helping your children prepare for their recital, you’re also supporting the success of the entire show. 

It is going to be another GREAT performance and we can't wait!

 A Dance Parent’s Guide To Recital

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