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It’s our absolute pleasure to warmly welcome you into our family at Ovation Dance. Our team is thrilled to see many familiar faces return to the studio and even more excited to see some new faces join our community. While we would love you to take the time to read this information carefully, we have it here on our website for you to refer to as you need, don’t forget that we are always here to help and will happily answer any questions you may have. Nothing is too big or too small, we promise!

Please note that by registering for classes, you are acknowledging and agreeing to comply with all Ovation policies.


An annual Registration fee of $30 per dancer is due at registration for the 2023-2024 school year. This fee covers administrative expenses, our studio app for on-the-go access to our services, insurance, supplies, building maintenance and secure student placement. All class placement is left to the discretion of the Director and Instructor. At any time, we reserve the right to change a student’s class based on appropriate age and/or skill level. Please note that by registering for classes, you are acknowledging and agreeing to comply with all Ovation policies. Registration fees are non-refundable.


Tuition Fees 2023-24 Tiny Classes: $50 1 Class: $58 2 Class Bundle: $98 3 Class Bundle: $138 4 Class Bundle: $174 5 Class Bundle: $203 6 Class Bundle: $226 7 Class Bundle: $264 8 Class Bundle: $302 The more you dance, the more you save! Ask us about our Full Season 10% Discount!

School Year Tuition: Tuition for Fall-Spring Session classes is split into 9 payments (Aug-April), it is not a monthly tuition amount. Tuition is based upon the time period of the entire season's scheduled classes and is divided into equal payments. Please note that tuition is one month ahead of the actual class season. Classes begin in September and end in May. Because tuition is based on a yearly cost, there is no pro-rating or price cuts for shorter months, holidays or school closures.  AUTOPAY IS REQUIRED FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS. However, you can choose to pay with a credit card or bank account. Tuition is due on the 5th of the month, and we will automatically charge whichever account you choose as your default payment account. Accounts not paid within these terms are subject to an accruing non-refundable $25 late fee on the 10th of the month and students may not participate in studio activities for the month until paid in full. Costumes, recital tickets, and performance eligibility will be suspended for accounts with past-due balances. Accounts more than 60 days past due will result in children being removed from all classes accounts may be submitted to collections. ​Statements will be sent via email on the 23rd of the month.  There are No Refunds on tuition, registration fees or costumes. Payment plans are available. Please contact the studio to arrange. All students are considered to be a registered student of Ovation Dance until the recital in May unless the proper withdrawal process has been completed. Until such time you will continue to be responsible for all expenses.


At Ovation Dance, we go to great lengths to keep you informed and up to date. We send home a monthly newsletter, post on our website, have chat enabled on our studio app, feature notices in the lobby and most importantly email. Please do not opt-out of our emails as you will miss important information. It is the responsibility of the parent and/or student to obtain the information provided by Ovation Dance. It is imperative, and in your best interest, to have an active email account with which we can send up-to-date communications, as well as provide a cell phone number. We rarely, if ever, give out hard copy notes to students. Parents who prefer to receive hard copy notes instead of emails must check with Ovation regularly to have them printed. Phone and Address Change: It is the responsibility of the guardian or adult student to inform Ovation Dance of any contact information change

Recital Fee & Costumes

There is a $50 per dancer or $75 per family Recital fee which goes towards the space rental, technicians, etc. This fee includes a Recital t-shirt and digital Recital Performance Media. This fee is due in February. All performing classes will need one costume for each of their registered classes. Competition Dance Teams will purchase several costumes. This costume(s) will be worn in our May Recital. Costs are divided into 2 payments: your deposit payment ($35) is due with first months tuition in Aug, and the second payment is due with Oct tuition.  Costume fees are due at the time of registration for those registering for classes after October 5th. We do our best to select reasonably priced costumes that are still delightful to be worn and seen on stage and we know that our parents appreciate that. Costume costs range from $75-$100. Costume cost includes: measuring your child, sales tax, materials, tights, shipping, accessories, hair accessories, & props. All dancers will get to keep their costumes. Costume Fees are nonrefundable. Class changes before October 1 will result in studio account credit for costume payments made. Changes after October 1 will require the full costume to be paid for before class changes or withdrawals can be finalized.  Costumes WILL NOT be ordered for students until they are paid for in full. Late fees will be applied if payments are not made by the assigned due date. There is no guarantee that the costume will arrive in time for the performance if ordered late.

Early Withdrawal Policy

To withdraw, a parent must: 1) email the studio 2) complete an online withdrawal form 3) pay the $30 Early Withdrawal fee. Automatic payments will stop upon receipt of the withdrawal form and Early Withdrawal Fee as well as any remaining tuition, registration, costume fees and/or balances. There are no refunds on tuition, costume or registration fees already paid. AutoPay will stop 31 days after a student has been dropped from class for non-payment or for any other reason. After 90 days, delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency where further collection charges and penalties will be applied. Students who simply do not attend class will still be considered “enrolled” and tuition will still be collected until an official notification has been sent, received, and acknowledged.

Dress Code

Proper attire and hair etiquette are required for all classes. Please see our Dress Code for more details on what attire your child will need for classes. Shoes are available at the studio for sizing and we can gladly order them for you. Please contact us to schedule a time for a fitting. Students who simply do not attend class will still be considered “enrolled” and tuition will still be collected until an official notification has been sent, received, and acknowledged.

Arrival & Pick-up

​Dancers should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their class time. After class is over, your dancer will not be supervised so please pick them up promptly. We will wait 10 minutes after class before calling you or the emergency contact on file. Please contact us if you are running late or if there is an emergency situation so that we can help your student remain calm. If your older dancer has a break between dance classes, they are welcome to bring a snack/homework/a quiet activity and wait in the student lobby however they will not be supervised. We allow a 10-minute pickup window after the last class of the day. Please be respectful of the staff's time and do not abuse this. Due to the operational and staffing costs incurred when a parent/guardian is late, a Late Fee will be charged if past this pickup window.


All classes will perform in our Annual Recitals in May. It is assumed that all dancers will participate in the recitals unless you notify the director within 30 days of the start of the dance season. Other optional performances may include basketball half times, other showcases and events in the community.  Each May, we end our season with a professional Themed Recital at the Orpheum Theatre. Recital dates & mandatory rehearsal dates are on the school year calendar. All Recitals require a recital fee to be paid, a costume per dance class & tickets to be purchased for audience members. Dancers do not need tickets for shows they are performing in. Details are published in April. We attempt to accommodate school activities while meeting the technical demands of the show. Our priority is to prepare your children for the performance experience of a lifetime! Recital plans are subject to change.


If your child has any illness, injury or special needs, it is vital that you notify the teacher so that we can monitor a child specifically before class. In case of an emergency, it is crucial that parents make sure that the contact information we have on file is up to date and accurate. If a student or anyone in their home has experienced any of the following symptoms: Cough, Shortness of Breath, Fever, Chills, Headache, or Sore Throat in the last 48 hours, please keep them home. If a student comes to class ill/sick (contagious illness, Strep, Flu, cough, fever, or runny nose), they will not be allowed to participate and will be sent home immediately. ​ Community Health Restrictions: In the event that large groups cannot assemble, we will modify our class offerings to abide by community health standards and continue offering services to our clients. These modifications may include: closing the lobby (drop off/pick up only), offering live-streamed classes for students to take at home, and other appropriate modifications. 

No Class Dates, Attendance & Class Makeups

Aug  5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #1 & 1st costume payment processed  via auto-pay Aug  31 - 10% Discount on Full Tuition Payments ends Sept  5 - Dance 2023-24 Classes Begin Sept  5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #2 processed via auto-pay Oct   5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #3 & final costume payment processed via auto-pay Oct 31 - Halloween - (closed, no classes or front desk hours)
 Nov  5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #4 processed via auto-pay
 Nov 20 - 24 - Thanksgiving Break (closed, no classes or front desk hours) Dec  5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #5 processed via auto-pay 
Dec 21 - Jan 3 - Winter Break (closed, no classes or front desk hours) Jan 4 - Classes Resume Jan   5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #6 processed via auto-pay
 Feb  5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #7 processed via auto-pay Feb 19 - Presidents Day (closed, no classes or front desk hours) Mar  5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #8 processed via auto-pay
 Mar  25-29 - Spring Break (closed, no classes or front desk hours) Apr  - Picture DayTBA Apr   5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #9 processed via auto-pay
 May  5 - Monthly Tuition Installment #10 processed via auto-pay 
May 6 -10 - TBA Dress Rehearsal & Spring Recitals 2024 at The Orpheum Theatre
 The calendar could have slight modifications between now and next year; however, at this time we do not expect there to be any substantial changes as we know families make plans based on the calendar.

Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography. Please make every effort to attend each class. It is important to make an effort to come to class and be on time, 3 tardies = 1 absence. Make-ups are allowed if granted permission from the Director. Dancers with excessive absences may not be able to perform their entire recital routine unless they schedule a private lesson with their class instructor to get caught up. This is an additional cost. Please contact the office before class if a child is unable to make a class due to illness or other reason to be excused.

Student-Teacher Interaction & Parent Observation

Classes at Ovation Dance are designed to challenge students in body awareness, activity, and artistry. This involves physical contact. Instructors will often need to make hands-on contact to adjust students’ alignment and to demonstrate proper technique. If this makes students uncomfortable, or if modifications need to be made for your child, please inform the instructor or studio front desk.  For the safety of ALL of our dancers, staff and dancers are the only ones permitted in the student area and studio rooms. This policy is designed to create a safe and productive learning environment for your child. By limiting access to the student area to staff and dancers only, we can minimize distractions and ensure that your child can focus on their classes and improve their skills without any unnecessary interruptions. Additionally, this policy can help protect the safety and privacy of your child and other young dancers.  We have cameras set up in all of our studios that project onto TVs in the lobby so that parents can watch their dancers. Please limit the amount of guests you bring to the lobby to 2 people if possible. Siblings, friends, and family will have plenty of opportunities to see your dancer perform at our recitals or at our in person observation weeks.

Student & Parent Expectations

Ovation Dance does not provide child care. Students are not to be left at Ovation Dance for excessive time before or after class. Ovation Dance is not responsible for children outside of their scheduled class time. For students ages 3 and under, a parent or guardian should remain at the studio during that child’s lesson. If other children are brought to Ovation Dance, the parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible to ensure their child(ren) is/are supervised, and that they do not disturb students, classes, or instructors, and also ensure that the facility and its equipment are respected. ​ We expect all members of Ovation Dance to be well behaved and respectful at all times to fellow classmates, Ovation Dance staff, their teacher, our facility & visitors. Instructors will speak to parents regarding any discipline or behavioral problems.  Ovation Dance will not tolerate any violence, contention or threats to students, parents, instructors, or staff at its premises. Ovation Dance reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student/family who does not follow the studio policies and whose attitude/conduct or parent’s attitude/conduct is unsatisfactory or disruptive. Our goal is to have a positive and friendly environment for all students. Any inappropriate or slanderous remarks about Ovation Dance or its staff members on any social media site will be cause for immediate dismissal from the studio without refund.  If you have a concern, please make an appointment with the studio director or you're welcome to send an appropriate email to discuss the issue.


  • Ovation Dance reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regular teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach. If Ovation Dance cannot arrange a substitute, any missed classes will be made up. Ovation Dance reserves the right to reschedule class, change the instructor, or combine classes. 

  • Classes with lower than 5 students may be canceled and a refund will be issued. There are no refunds for missed classes.

  • Inclement Weather: an email & Robo Text/Email/Dial message will be sent and a social media post made by 2:00 PM if afternoon/evening classes are canceled. All classes have one built-in weather cancellation day. In the event of a second cancellation (weather, epidemics, states of emergency, etc.) or unexpected teacher absence where a substitute cannot be found, the specific class will be rescheduled by the studio administrators.

  • Please make sure all dancers have used the restroom & washed their hands/sanitized before coming into class as to prevent any unneeded interruptions during class time.

  • No street shoes are permitted on the dance floor as dirt, rainwater, grime, gum, and winter salt can cause the wood flooring to erode. 

  • No Cell phones allowed on the dance floor. All phones must be silenced and stored away in our student waiting area.

  • Ovation Dance is not responsible for left or lost items. 

  • No food, gum or drinks (besides water) will be allowed on the dance floor. Dancers & families are expected to pick up after themselves & keep all studio areas neat and clean. 

  • All choreography and lessons are property of Ovation Dance and are not to be performed/taught without consent from the Director. Students may perform routines for school talent shows and extra events with prior written permission.

  • Class Pictures- Buying annual dance class pictures is not required, just a super special bonus option. Cost varies greatly depending on the picture package. Class and individual pictures are typically taken the first week in April; specifics will be in the monthly newsletter.

  • Upon registration, Ovation Dance is hereby granted permission to take photographs and/or video of the student to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, social media and other promotional materials. I hereby grant full permission to any and all the foregoing to use any photographs, videotapes, or other recordings of the student. Permission is also hereby granted for the Ovation Dance to copyright such photographs in its name.

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