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Meet The Team

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Ovation Dance is proud to have passionate, well educated instructors with varying certifications and degrees in the field of dance & movement. Our team is dedicated to our student's safety, technical proficiency, and overall health & well being. Scroll down to get to know some of our instructors!



Director/Lead Instructor - Hip Hop, Jazz, Acrobatics, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary & Competition

Kiah Carpenter began her dance training at an early age studying Modern, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater and Improvisation. Her love for teaching dance began at 15 and has brought her the wonderful opportunity to train under some of the country's best instructors & choreographers.  In 2013, she received her B.A. in Dance with an emphasis on Pedagogy and Composition from Columbia College Chicago and later became a certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor. She served as the Grammar/Logic Dance Instructor for Xavier Charter School from 2013-16 and has taught/coached award-winning dancers & works for several studios, K-12 schools, collegiate dance teams, & Dance/Performance Theater groups. She has continued to work professionally in the performing arts industry for many years as a Performer, Instructor, & Choreographer with her most recent work being featured on HBO's "We're Here". Kiah is a founding dancer with Inspirata Dance Project & has been a director and as well as choreographer for Magic Valley Repertory Theatre, Magic Valley Little Theater & JUMP Co. Her credits include Chicago, Cabaret, Cinderella, Daddy Long Longs, Once Upon A Mattress, and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Her lifelong ambition is to create opportunities for students to become empowered through the exploration and creativity of dance!

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Instructor- Hip Hop, Jazz, Acrobatics, Tap, Contemporary, Performance Groups

Miss Ally was born in Twin Falls and grew up in the dance studio. She was known to always be at dance and loving every bit of it. She started dancing at the age of two and has been dancing ever since. Going off to college she became a member of the CSI Golden Girls for three years and was the captain for two of those years. She has danced professionally with the Inspirata Dance Project and received her AA in Dance and Social Work. Her passion is teaching all ages and putting a smile on each one of her students' faces. Her goal is to give her students an outlet to feel safe and be able to let go and be able to express themselves through movement.

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Instructor- Tiny's, Mini's, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Performance Groups & Competition

Kristian Turner started her exciting dance journey at the age of 9, where she studied numerous styles of dance, including lyrical/contemporary, ballet, modern, hip hop, jazz, funk, and tap. Dance is Kristian’s longtime passion, as she has been dancing/performing for over 20 years and instructing for 17 years. While attending CSI in Twin Falls, Kristian was a member and captain of their Golden Girls Dance Team. Kristian, her husband, and their two kids, live on a farm in Hansen with a small "zoo" and enjoy spending time together outdoors when the weather is beautiful. She continues to perform as a member/collaborator of Inspirata Dance Project & in theatre productions with Magic Valley Repertory Theatre. She has also trained in Aerial Dance at CSI under Cindy Jones.

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Shalen Smith

Instructor- Tiny Dancers, Mini's

Hello there, my name is Shalen but you can call me Miss Shay! I have been dancing since I was a little girl and danced in a California studio for many years as well as being a part of their performing group. When I graduated high school I moved to Idaho in 2016 to study Dance and AG. I graduated from the College Of Southern Idaho with my AA in Dance. I have tried all genres but hip hop and lyrical are my favorite. I knew I wanted to be a dance teacher when I got to assist my very first class at the age of 10! I currently work at the Animal Shelter as well as being the Dance Coach at South Hills Middle School. I am so excited to be back in the studio because I love how dance allows anyone to express themselves in and outside the box!

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Hannah Adams

Instructor- Ballet, Pointe

Hi, my name is Hannah Adams. I started dancing at five years old one hour away from Twin at Center Stage Studios in Rupert. From there my dance journey took me to Georgia where I trained at the Atlanta Ballet Center for Dance Education. There I had the privilege of working under incredible choreographers such as Helen Pickett and John McFall. I studied nutrition, dance history, and various forms of dance. I also worked with patrons, was an assistant teacher, and worked as a stagehand in multiple productions. At the age of fifteen I had my choreographic debut at the Georgia Tech Ferst Center. I married the love of my life in 2017 and have since been teaching and sharing my love of dance with the next generation of artists.


Hannah Gaston

Instructor- Move & Bloom Program

Hannah began dancing at 15 and has pursued a life filled with movement ever since. She has been trained under the Cecchetti style of ballet and enjoys giving that knowledge back to the next generation. She enjoys using different props and objects with movement to create new shapes, inspiration, and creativity.  She believes in teaching dance with compassion, patience, and most important, fun!

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Nikki O'Neil

Administrative Assistant

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Sosana Carpenter

Musical Theater, Lighting Designer, Costumes, Ovation On Stage Director/Choreographer

Ian O'Neil

Studio Assistant

Ian started his dance career at age 11 and hasn't stopped dancing since. After graduating from high school and completing his training at Ovation Dance, Ian is thrilled to join the team as the Studio Assistant, bringing his boundless energy and expertise to help others pursue their own dance dreams. He loves all styles of dance but his favorite is hip hop or lyrical. When not dancing he enjoys chicken tenders and dark chocolate Hershey's when he's not dancing!

Sophia Kapeleris

Assistant Teacher

Sophia Kapeleris is a passionate dancer who has been dancing for 13 years. With six years of experience as a competitive dancer, she is thrilled to share her knowledge and passion as an assistant teacher this year. Sophia is deeply committed to helping her students develop their own skills and love for dance, and she takes great pride in inspiring them to reach new heights in their own journeys.


Cooper Wiggins

Assistant Teacher

Cooper is deeply connected to dance, and finds joy in performing funky-jazz pieces and contemporary numbers that allow him the freedom to express himself. Acrobatics is also one of his favorite techniques and he incorporates it into his choreography whenever he can. He has a love for travel and Sushi and gummy bears are his favorite foods. Cooper is not only an experienced dancer but a committed teacher who is excited to share his knowledge of dance with his students.

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Jolene Heath

Instructor- Move & Bloom Program

Hi friends, my name is Jolene, and my dancers call me Miss Jo! I’ve loved to dance ever since my first Ballet class at 3 years old. I went on to study Dance at CSI while also pursuing a degree in Business. I've been teaching throughout the past 10 years, and I absolutely love being a part of a dancer’s journey! Not only do we learn skills and technique in the studio, but more importantly: teamwork, creativity, expression, and FUN! Outside of the Studio, you can find me adventuring with my husband and daughter (most likely going out for ice cream!) and enjoying being back with our family in Twin Falls. 

Studio Ambassadors


Allison Donahue
Teaching Assistant


Ava Jo Gilmartin
Teaching Assistant


Shyann O'Neil
Teaching Assistant


Kiara Turner
Teaching Assistant

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Lori Kapeleris
Classroom Assistant


Kat Ladwig
Classroom Assistant

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Anna Rowlands


Ellery Rowlands

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Bella O'Neil
Classroom Assistant

BAND_Ovation Dance Competition Teams_2023-08-10-12-58-08.jpg

Mia West
Classroom Assistant

BAND_Ovation Ambassadors_2023-08-13-17-41-21.jpg

Annalise Woolley

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