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Theater Etiquette Tips!

From theater etiquette to fun show-time rituals, we’ve got you covered on what to expect for the big day!

1. Give your dancers a round of applause at the end AND during impressive moments!

Most of us know that it’s tradition to give the performers a round of applause at the end of a dance. And take it from us dancers, the LOUDER the better! One of the most rewarding parts of recital weekend is hearing our younger dancers say, “did you hear how loud they clapped for us?!” as they rush off the stage for the first time.

Another great way to show your support is to applaud during impressive moments that you know your dancer has worked hard to achieve. Feel free to clap for long turn sequences, big jumps/lifts, or fabulous solos. It will send their dancing hearts through the roof, we promise!

2. Don’t enter the stage from the theater house. It’s bad theater etiquette!

We don’t blame you if you didn’t know about this one! It’s kind of an unspoken theater rule! We like to keep the theater house (the section with the seats) completely separate from all the backstage buzz. If your dancer has to get backstage, walk around to the backstage entrance. When you're in the house, the stage is off limits!  

3. No video/photography at the theater.

We know you want to capture the big moments, but we encourage you to put the cameras down! Take your photos and videos at Dress Rehearsal instead! At Dress Rehearsal, the crowd is less…crowded, the children are in costume, and this frees you up to just be present and celebrate your child during the actual performance. *NEW FOR WINTER RECITAL: As this is an informal performance we will be allowing video and non flash photography of the performance. Please be courteous of other audience members when doing so.

4. Flowers are the classic post-show gift to make your dancer feel loved and supported!

Recital gifts are a strong tradition in dance. Flowers are the classic post-show gift to make your dancer feel loved and supported! Going out for Ice Cream is also a great option ;)

5. Don’t forget to say, “Break a Leg!”

It’s tradition… dancers DON’T say “good luck.” We say” Break A Leg!” instead. Hearing these words of support before the big day is a great way to get the excitement brewing. We love making our students feel like they are a part of a dance community with special rituals and long-lasting memories.



Now that you’re officially “in the know” about all of our dancer traditions, it’s time to get ready for the big day! Be sure to read up on all the recital details, dates, and times.

We are SO excited to see our dancers on stage.  Our dancers have been working so hard, and we know your support will mean the world to them. See you there!

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