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Ovation Dance Performance Groups


Nurture your child's dream of becoming a performer! This is a fun introduction to the world of performing, designed by our professional dance teachers specifically for kids!

What is a Performance Group?


Only half of being a dancer is what you learn in class, the other half is made up of the experiences you have on stage. So many of our dancers wish they could perform more, but don't necessarily want the added financial or time commitment of Company. That's where this group comes in! Performance Group members take a weekly Performance Group class, attend group rehearsals, and have several performances throughout the year.  

We perform at a variety of events, such as:

1 Basketball Game (Feb-March)

✨ Community Events 

✨ Ovation Dance Recitals (Nov & May)*

✨ 1 Local Dance Competition (Spring)

*Guaranteed Performance

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Who Are The Performance Groups?​

This group is for beginning and advancing dancers who will learn various styles of Hip Hop with emphasis on more difficult skills  including body isolations, Breakdancing, street-style, hip hop steps/combinations, strength of movement and performance skills. Dancers will learn more advanced choreography.

*Students must be invited by the Instructor to join this crew. Dancers are chosen based on technical & performance skills and class attendance. 


This group is for Intermediate to Advanced dancers, who will work on emphasizing the skills of Hip Hop Dance such as strength of movement and control, strong body isolation, freestyle movement, street-style movement, performance and showmanship. Dancers will learn more advanced choreography.

*Students must be invited by the Instructor to join this crew. Dancers are chosen based on technical & performance skills and class attendance. Email us to schedule an audition. 

Performance Group vs. Competitive Company

It is important that members of our Performance Group understand that this is not a part of our competitive Company. This group will be completely independent from Company and is an extension of our Performance Dance Program. If you are interested in Company one day, this is a great start, but it is not meant to be a feeder into that program. Here are some other differences between Performance Group and Company.


Performance Group

 Season is from Aug-May 


  Community performances ONLY


  Smaller financial commitment


  Moderate time commitment


Invitation only but can request an audition


  Builds confidence


Promotes teamwork



★ Season is from Aug-May 

★ Community performances, plus competitions /conventions and possible out of state travel


Much greater financial commitment


Potentially, much greater time commitment


★ Required Ballet Class in addition to Company Class


Audition process, certain skill level requirements


Focuses on building skills and technique

For dancers who are wanting a competitive experience

For students wishing to dance at a Collegiate or Professional level


Builds confidence & promotes teamwork


Anyone currently enrolled in Ovation Dance classes ages 7-18 can become a member of a Performance Group with the exception of Mini Monsters Crew & Monster Moves Crew. There are no auditions for Performance Group - the idea is to include anyone who is truly interested in getting more involved in dance! (Mini Monsters Crew & Monster Moves Crew are invitation only groups) 


​Dancers will register for the appropriate class for their age group. Performance Group classes can be found on the Ovation Dance Schedule. It will be during this time that you will learn your Performance Group routines that you will perform at the community events.

Attendance must be a priority for all members. It is very difficult to create group dances if kids cannot rely on each member of the group. Most events will be on the calendar with more than 30 days notice. These performances will be considered mandatory. Any performance added with less than 30 days notice will be optional.

Pricing Breakdown

Performance Group Monthly Tuition 

(Regular class tuition)                             $55


1- 2 Performance Costumes

(For all Performances)                            TBA

Competition Fee per routine                                

(dependent on # attended)                     $20-$45

Performance Group T-shirt       

(For promotional events & rehearsals)   $20

Items You Will Need To Provide

Mini Monsters & Monster Moves Crews:

  • Black Non-marking Sneakers

All shoes can be ordered through our online dance store HERE.

We are currently working on building a performance schedule for the season and planning lots of fun activities for the groups. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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