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Ovation Dance Ambassador Program



The Ovation Dance Ambassador Program is for students, ages 10-18, who stand out at the studio, not only through their skills in dance, but by also embodying the vision, values and culture of Ovation DanceAmbassadors demonstrate consistent class and event participation, initiative around the studio, and are shining representatives of our culture.


This program allows currently registered students to serve as faculty assistants and ambassadors for the studio. Our Ambassador program is divided into 2 Support Teams, the Education Support Program and the Business Support Team. Our goal is not only to pour into their development in dance, but also to equip these leaders with other important life, business, and leadership skills. 

Why should I be a part of the Ovation Dance Ambassador Program?

The journey for our students that take part in the student ambassador program is exciting and rewarding. From the beginning level of Classroom Assistant ambassador up to the top tier of Assistant Teacher, our faculty guides and mentors students to not just become role models but to start to see themselves as leaders and effective communicators. Each level of the tiered program gives students opportunities to receive feedback on their performance in the classroom and helps them to work effectively in the group setting.  With the guidance of our seasoned dance educators our students can set and reach goals through this program that can propel them into a successful leadership role upon completion. 


Education Support Team

Our teaching philosophy is centered on instilling a passion for the arts while building self-esteem and confidence in every child. The students’ well-being is our priority; their technical capability is secondary. Assistants in our program help comfort upset students, support the Teacher by handling bathroom runs, handing out stickers, and assisting with classroom set-up and breakdown. With our dance classes, there is a wide range of placements for our Ambassadors in our Education Support Team.

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Business Support Team

Our Administrative Assistants in our Business Support Team have the ability to learn a number of skills that pertain to running a business and its administrative duties. The position will teach business skills, including customer service, marketing, administration, and basic money management. The administrative assistants will also learn the ins and outs of organizing and running our performances and special events



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We value our Ambassadors! In appreciation for all of their hard work, we offer the following benefits and rewards:


Studio Jobs

  • Working closely with our OD staff members

  • Gain leadership experience

  • Assist in OD classes and learn tools to becoming a teacher

  • Assist in social media, marketing, and studio news

  • Assist in and learn the administrative/studio operations

  • Learn and assist in studio costuming and apparel

  • Much more!



  • Contribute new and fresh ideas to be implemented at Ovation Dance

  • Get all Ovation Dance branded gear at studio cost

  • Exclusive events & special performance opportunities

  • Free Ambassador branded shirt

  • Earn community service hours for your school/club requirements/resume/college applications

  • Financial Compensation (Assistant Teachers only)

  • Resume Assistance (Assistant Teachers only)

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