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Business Support Team

Our Office Assistants in our Business Support Team have the ability to learn a number of skills that pertain to running a business and its administrative duties. The position will teach business skills, including customer service, marketing, administration, and basic money management. The administrative assistants will also learn the ins and outs of organizing and running our performances and special events.

All students who would like to join our Ambassador Education Support Team must first submit an application and attend the Mandatory Ambassador Training, in order to be considered for a position.

The Office Assistant position would be a good fit for a student who would like to get involved in the Ambassador Program who wants to be behind the scenes and learn a number of skills that pertain to running a business and its administrative duties.

Although we do not have a formal training for our Business Team Ambassador as of yet, if your student is interested, please have them check out all the qualifications and essential duties that are listed below. And applying is easy - simply click on the 'Apply Now' button at the bottom of the page when ready.


Below is the list of the qualifications and essential duties of an Office Assistant.


  • Must be 12 years of age or older​​

  • Currently enrolled at Ovation Dance (or previously completed classes and received authorization from the Director of Operations/Manager) 

  • Able to complete simple tasks with minimal supervision once given direction

  • Must be friendly and respectful of co-workers, students, and parents, and are able to work cooperatively with others

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Available 1-6 hours a week based on projects and help needed in the office 

  • Available to assist with recitals and occasional special events

Essential Duties:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to younger dancer classes

  • Attend Quarterly group meetings

  • ​Helping students that are getting curbside drop off - guide them to change shoes, use the bathroom, etc.

  • Greeting dancers and families as they enter the building and help the receptionists greet new folks for trial classes, give them studio gifts, and answer basic questions

  • Assisting with the distribution of studio materials (flyers, coloring sheets, etc)

  • Assisting with costume sizings and uniform fittings

  • Light cleaning in the common areas

    • Vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, replenishing tissues/paper towels/ toilet paper

    • Emptying garbage cans

  • Attending sizing events and the first few weeks of class in July/Aug/Sep and in Jan/Feb

  • Sitting with dancers waiting to be picked up after class

  • Bringing in the mail to the receptionist

  • Holding the front door (especially for pre-school classes and when parents have strollers/car seats)

  • Help set up for Special Events

  • Creating Fall, Winter, and Spring studio decorations for the waiting room

  • ​Handling basic bandaid changes at reception during class time 

  • Creating copies, sending mail, and working with spreadsheets and word processing

  • Promote OD social media on Facebook and Instagram by sharing posts

  • Speak in a positive manner about the studio, whether onsite or elsewhere, and avoid gossip, slander, bullying, or any negative communication about OD, the program, or other students (this includes all family members)

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