Performance Day Info

  • Performances will begin promptly at their designated times at the Orpheum Theatre. Please have your dancer at the Theatre at the dressing room drop off location, performance ready between at their designated call time. Doors will shut 10 minutes after call time. Student Drop off for students is the Orpheum Theater back door where a helper will assist students to their dressing room. Only water will be allowed in the dressing room so please make sure that your student has eaten something before the show. 


  • During the show we will have helpers available to help with costume changes, so please make sure all of your accessories and shoes are neat, orderly and labeled for them. All students will remain backstage during the entire performance. Students will not be allowed to leave until the end of the performance. This is for your student’s SAFETY! No student will be allowed to leave the theater at the end of the performance without an adult supervisor or parent/guardian.

  • To help avoid congestion backstage, we will accompany groups of dancers from the backstage area into the theater for pickup. For Safety, we will not allow other audience members backstage at any time during the performance. We ask that you please wait in the theater/lobby to greet your dancer. 

  • As a professional courtesy, please remember to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. All aisles should remain clear; no one will be allowed to stand. Out of respect for other dancers, please do not enter or exit the Theatre while another group is performing on stage.

  • No photography or video will be allowed at the actual performance due to Copyright and Child Safety laws. Please take your photos and Videos at Dress Rehearsal so that you may enjoy the show!

Who's in the 12:00pm show?

(Not in performance order)

Call Time For Dancers: 11:15am

Acro #3

Intro to Acro

Mini Hip Hop/Tumbling A (Mon.)

Int. Ballet

Blackout Jazz/Tap

Combo (Sat.)

Pre-Ballet #1

Hip Hop Ages 7-10 B (Thurs.)

Mini Jazz/Tap (Sat. - Miss Jaime)







Show Order

Who's in the 3:30pm show?

(Not in performance order)

​Call Time For Dancers: 2:45pm

Acro #2

Acro #1

Mini Hip Hop/Tumbling B (Thurs.)

Beg./Int. Ballet

Spotlight Jazz/Tap

Beg./Int. Hip Hop

Pre-Ballet #2

Hip Hop Ages 7-10 A (Mon.)

Mini Jazz/Tap (Wed. - Miss Kris)

Int. Hip Hop






Show Order